Petrol Price Today 05 July 2022: (State Wise) Petrol Rates

Petrol Price Today 05 July 2022 for all the states, cities and districts, check Petrol Price in Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Telangana, Tamil Nadu: The Most common commodity of World keeps fluctuating Daily and its price marks the most important thing in its daily market rate. The End user always stays in confusion whether what is the reason behind this and how it is the most expensive yet binding commodity. So in order to give you excellence in this we are here with complete information related to Petrol Price today.

International Petrol Price Today 05.07.2022 is different from yesterday because of many factors like availability, crisis across the world and geopolitical reasons. In this post you can get to know about Petrol Price Today and State Wise Petrol Price in India. Along With this we will also tell you about Delhi NCR Petrol Price 05 July 2022 and International Barrel Rate of Petrol. 

Petrol Prices Today

Petrol Price Today 05 July 2022

Specifically, if we talk then Petrol prices were skyrocketing along with other commodities which could have eventually led to Inflation. In this series the Indian Government slashed the huge prices of Petrol of Rs 9.5 per Litre. Petrol Price today in Punjab is Rs 105.75 which will now cost Rs 96.00 per liter. This is a huge decision by the Modi Government which will affect millions of families and workers in India and also decrease the prices of other commodities. Now, you can find State Wise Petrol Price List Today 05 July 2022 and other Similar information in the following post. Above all we will intimate you regularly about Daily Petrol Price which keeps fluctuating everyday.

Petrol Price Delhi NCR Day Wise 05.07.2022

The Petrol Price in Delhi NCR are most important because being the capital state it is the most Petrol consuming area by Population. People want to know about daily petrol price in Delhi NCR which makes it very important for us to deliver you the same. We want to inform you that Petrol Price in Delhi-NCR is Rs 96.41 Per litre which is the new price after the government Reduced the prices. Nearly Rs 10 per liter is slashed by the Government of India today which is a huge relaxation for people who are using petrol on daily basis for their regular works. Above all Delhi NCR Petrol Price marks the benchmark for petrol price across India. 

State Wise Petrol Price 05 July 2022

State NamePetrol Price Today (Per Litre)
Punjab Petrol Price TodayRs 96.00 
Maharashtra Petrol Price TodayRs 110.00
Karnataka Petrol Price TodayRs 101.42
Kerala Petrol Price TodayRs 105.5
TN – Tamil Nadu Petrol Price TodayRs 103.11
Andhra Pradesh AP Petrol Price TodayRs 110.5
Uttar Pradesh UP Petrol Price TodayRs 100.5
West Bengal WB Petrol Price TodayRs 105.15
DelhiRs 96.41
OdishaRs 105.99
RajasthanRs 110.0
GujaratRs 99.8
ChattisgarhRs 102.5
Madhya PradeshRs 110.5
Haryana Rs 98.5
BiharRs 106.8
TelanganaRs 110.00
AssamRs 96.00
Jammu & KashmirRs 99.8
UttarakhandRs 94.8
JharkhandRs 99.5

International Petrol Price Today Per Barrel

  • Petrol and Diesel Prices keep fluctuating because of changes in Daily International Barrel Price.
  • Secondly, International Prices of these commodities are calculated in US Dollars. 
  • Due to change in International prices, Petrol Price in India Keeps fluctuating.
  • Average Price of International Petrol Barrel Price is around 97 USD.
  • These price depend on many factors like Demand, Supply, Cost of Extraction and more.
  • Petrol Price in India will go up if International Prices go up.
  • As India does not manufacturers the Oil, it is difficult for India to control daily Petrol Price.
  • We will inform you about daily changes in International Petrol Price whenever it happens.

How to Check Daily Petrol Price 05-07-2022?

There are several ways to check Daily Petrol Price in India and in the International Market. We have appended a few methods below for your ease which you can use to check Daily Petrol Price. 

  • You can visit this page to get daily latest updates regarding Petrol Price in India. 
  • International Petrol Price per barrel are also updated here for your reference.
  • Thirdly, you can watch International Market Online to see the daily commodity price.
  • In India price vary on behalf of demand, supply and processing cost of Petrol.
  • Apart from this, you can check State Wise Daily Petrol Price from the table above.
  • So these are some of the common methods to check Daily Petrol Price. 

Factors Affecting Petrol Price Today 05 July, 2022

There are several factors which contribute to the fluctuation of Daily Petrol Price. So, if you want to know about these factors then kindly go through the points below. 

  • Availability in the International Market.
  • Daily Consumption and requirement of various regions.
  • International crisis for example Russia Ukraine Prices.
  • Cost of processing per litre also affects the Petrol Price Today.

Queries on Petrol Price Today 05 July, 2022

What is the Petrol Price Per Liter in Delhi NCR?

Delhi NCR Petrol Price Today is Rs 96.41 Per Litre.

How to Check Daily Petrol Price in India?

Visit the State Wise petrol Price table above to check prices in your State.

What is the International Petrol Barrel Price Today?

Petrol Barrel Price Today in the International Market is 96 USD.

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